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About Us
   The Luther Marsh Hunting Retriever Club (LMHRC) was established in January 1995 by a group of individuals located west of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  The club is focused on working collectively toward the betterment of hunting retrievers as a whole and to influence the breeding and training of better hunting retrievers.

The LMHRC continues to be affiliated with the United Kennel Club Inc. (UKC) and the Hunting Retriever Club Inc. (HRC).  Annually the club holds a hunt test and an upland test in accordance with the rules and policies of the UKC and HRC to test retrievers at various levels of development.

The LMHRC assists members in the training of their retrievers by providing “training days” through the year whereby more experienced members can provide some guidance to new members.  Smaller training groups also develop within the club, usually dependent on location and time availability of members.

Further, it is the purpose of this club to support and protect out inherent right as Canadian citizens to hunt and own firearms for the purpose of legal hunting, hunting sports and shooting sports.  Also, we seek to promote complementary conservation and management of game birds and wildlife species commonly pursued by the members of the HRC.

 We hold picnic trials throughout the winter on the third Sunday of the month at Valens Conservation Area, an Upland Hunt in early April, and our annual Hunt in early August in the Puslinch area.  Please see the Events Page for precise dates and entry information.
Our members represent a cross-section of thre retriever community in the area, representing hunters and breed enthusiasts.  Our members run and hunt with Labradors, Goldens, and Chesapeakes, and there are often Tollers, Flat-Coats, and American Water Spaniels entered at our tests as well.



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